Welcome to Connect For Games
We connect people to their communities through board and table top gaming. Founded in 2018 Connect For Games in a not for profit organization, that helps individuals explore their communities while learning life and social skills through board, card and table top games.

 What Do We Do?


Have you ever heard of a Games Cafe? A Games Cafe is a Cafe where people go on dates, hang out, or have a coffee while playing their favourite classic board games, or the best new board games on the market. We have taken the idea of a Games Cafe and flipped it on it's head. Instead of running a coffee shop that lets you play games, we move through a community, bringing the games with us. This lets us connect people and businesses to the community around them.

 Who Do We Work With?

We work with people who want something more out of their community.
-  Provide a structured and safe environment for learning social skills and life skills!
- Connect people of all walks of life, no gaming experience required!
- Play for an afternoon, but connect for life.


We work with families that want to spend time together. Put the phone down and Connect.
- Game nights hosted throughout the Community!
- Family friendly games for everyone to enjoy!
- Recommendations based on age and difficulty!


We work with businesses which want to host an event.
You provide the space we provide the games.

- Coffee shop that closes at 5pm?
- Wednesday night singles night at Restaurant?
- Team building sessions?
Contact us if you are interested!

 How Do I get Involved?


There are so many ways to get involved! We are looking for:

People that want to play games
People that want to volunteer
Businesses that want to support us
Individuals to donate board games or funds

If you are interested please visit our contact page here or donate!